Learn how to become a confident investor and financially independent even if you’re scared of the stock market or never invested before!


You are in the right place if you are looking to supercharge your money but get stuck in “analysis paralysis”, you’re confused by all of the financial jargon and don’t have time to invest.

Does this sound like you?

You’ve been putting off investing because you’re scared of losing all of your money and not doing the right thing.

You have too much cash in a savings account yielding 0.01% because you don’t know what to buy with your money.

You have some investments in a 401K but you’re confused and not sure if you’re on track.

You want to pay yourself a monthly salary from your investments so you can build passive income

You're not alone

You’re experiencing this problem because...

Even though I am now a Certified Financial Planner, a CFA charter-holder (the gold standard in investment management), and manage over $70 million of client’s wealth, I wasn’t always good with money. 

In fact, I used to keep all of my cash in savings account because I was scared of losing all of my money and not doing the right thing. I had no idea if I was on track and was overly confused with all the different investment options available to me. To top that off, I also absolutely hated numbers, spreadsheets and finance and would always avoid any class in college that had anything to do with using a calculator.

Can you relate?

One night in 2017 while I was living in Boston, I read this blog post randomly on the internet about the stupidly simple path behind early retirement. It was a complete eyeopener because I realized that people that were making less than six-figures a year were becoming financially independent, retiring millionaires and living incredible lives all before the age of 45.

And I wanted that too

Ever since that snowy Boston evening, I became serious about investing my money, have grown a net worth of over $1,000,000, never made more than six-figures and I did all of this before the age of 31.

(I also never received an inheritance)

Do you want to join me on this journey? In this program, I will show you what I did to get to this point and how you can follow in my footsteps and do it as well!

Congratulations on showing up on and welcome to your new corner of the internet!

Imagine the Possibility

What if I told you there was a better way?

Being rich is not about Lamborghinis or Rolexes. It’s about the ability to say no when you want to.

Read that again.

Do you ever imagine what your life would be like if you could work because you WANT TO and not because you HAVE TO? What if you could CHOOSE to work because you absolutely love your job and not because you depend on your boss or a certain client to live?

That’s what you are getting when you enroll in this program. The ability to say yes to the things you want to do. Don’t pass this up.

Your life before the program:

Your life after the program:



Everything you need to know about investing is here!


The Curriculum

What You'll Learn

Module 1

Getting Organized & Millionaire Mindset

You will learn how to think like a millionaire investor and understand what to do during a market crash, how to create a spending plan like a boss and more!

Module 2

Balancing Your Risk So You Feel Comfortable Being a Badass Investor

You will learn how to feel comfortable investing and understand the different types of risk that you take (even when you invest in cash!) so you feel comfortable and not panic when you invest!

Module 3

How to Fund Your Million Dollar Investment Account

You will learn how to make sure you are investing in the right order so you take advantage of accounts that can save you thousands of taxes! You will also learn where to invest your money so that you make sure its safe and protected.

Module 4

How to Choose Your investments

You will learn how to choose between different types of funds and pick the best ones for you and your financial goals.

Module 5

How to Choose Your Stocks & Bonds

Some of you only want to invest in index funds and ETF’s and THAT IS OKAY. I do know that some of you may want to have a 90-95% index fund portfolio and sprinkle in some stocks and bonds.

Module 6

Hacking Your Way to Financial Independence

You will learn all about the different investment hacks that you can do such as accessing your retirement accounts early, doing a Roth IRA if you are a high income earner, & more!

Bonuses (value $5,000+)

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4 GROUP COACHING SESSIONS with me to ask all your money questions! You get access to the The Passive Income Investing Community for 2 months where I go live twice a month. ($3,500 VALUE)


POSITIVE CASH FLOW CLASS with money expert Tish Bell

POSITIVE CASH FLOW CLASS with money expert Tish Bell where she helps you breakthrough your money blocks keeping you at the same income level, uncover unconscious money blocking beliefs and implementing a financial system that will have you generating positive cash flow with ease. ($1,000 VALUE).


Financial Independence Wealth Planner

Learn how to optimize your budget so you achieve financial independence faster without giving up the $5 latte! ($500 VALUE).

Remember, You'll also get

The support you will have access to

Live Group CallS

4 group coaching calls where I go live twice a month to ask me all of your questions!

Private Community

Private community for 2 months to meet other like minded people all over the world!

Workbook & Checklist

Get access to my templates and checklists so you can follow along your financial independence journey!

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Meet Your Mentor

Hello, I'm Silvia

I am the Founder and Managing Partner of Manent Capital, a Boston-based wealth management firm that focuses on helping professionals understand their personal and business finances so that they can feel accomplished, confident and excited about investing in their future dream goals.

I have over 10 years of experience investing and I’ve previously worked at Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley & J.P. Morgan. I am a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®), the highest distinction in the investment management profession as well as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), the standard of excellence in financial planning. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

It is ongoing! You can access it anytime and on the go!

I manage over $60 million for clients so I am on the ground doing this on a daily basis. I know how clients react to different market scenarios and know how to protect and grow their wealth.

Your results and happiness is my number 1 priority. If you are not satisfied within 7 days, I will refund 100% of your money.

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